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Desktop detailed information

The first screen that appears when we start/switch on our computer containing the number of small graphical pictures (icons) representing items, such as files (shortcuts), is called a desktop.

The start button

The start button is present at the bottom left of the corner of the taskbar. When we click on the start button, a menu opens up, which is called the start menu. The Start button can be clicked to perform some everyday tasks. The task that can be done by clicking at the start button are:

  • selecting a program
  • starting a program
  • searching files and folders
  • shutting down the computers etc.

Middle section

All the open programs or applications can be seen as small buttons in the middle part of the taskbar. This section is also referred to as a quick launch bar, Where commonly used programs such as google chrome, Ms office application, etc. can be seen. They can be opened with a single click.

Notification area

The right side of the taskbar is called notification area, which has a clock and number of icons that tell the status of the programs running off the computer wifi connectivity, volume, battery icons are some such examples. The show desktop button is present on the extreme right side of the taskbar.

What is a file

When we save any work on our hard drive, it becomes a file. Aa file may be a word or writer document, a tux paint painting, a presentation (ppt), the class list created in excel a video recorded and stored on the computer, or any movie or song downloaded and saved on the computer.

A file has two important features:

  1. First, every file has a name.
  2. Second, it has a place to live, like a home address. 

However, in the case of a file, the address is in the form of folders.

What is a folder

A folder can be compared to a container or a plastic wrapper. We usually store our essential paper documents, such as circulars, etc. Similarly a folder may contan one or several files.

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