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How to make a dc fan

In this post, am going to talk about the dc fan. I think you are well aware of the fan. The fan which usually runs on the electricity and that is placed in the wall of the room is known as a fan that operates on the 220v. Now in this article, I am going to teach you the whole procedure to make a dc fan at home which will operate at 12v. This is going to be an interesting topic as usually we saw the fans running on electricity but today I will teach you to make a which runs on the battery of 12v. You don’t need lots of things to make this fan. At first, I will make you understand everything used in the making of the fan and then you will have to assemble every part in the proper way so that it may run in the proper way. This is all about the dc fan. Now we will learn to make this fan at home. But before this, we will have to know the definition of the dc fan.

what is dc fan

Dc fan is being defined as the fan which run on 12v which doesn’t need electricity to run is known as the dc fan. Suppose there is too hot summer and there is no light at the home then what you will do? You don’t need to worry you just have to on your dc fan which operates on 12v. Now we will discuss the whole process of making a dc fan at home. But before this, you will need some of the devices to make it.

Following are the devices needed to make dc fan

  • Battery
  • dc motor
  • fan wire

These are some of the things that you are going to need to make a dc fan at home. The first thing that you will have to do is to connect the fan to the motor and then you will have to and then you will have to connect the fan with the battery using the wire. now your fan is ready now you will have to on the switch and your fan is ready to use.

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